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Why Self-improvement is the most important thing to your mental health

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

When you think about self-improvement, you think to yourself "I should start this, I should working out more, I should start eating better, etc" We keep telling ourselves that we will do something but never get around to it or give up on it entirely.

People set these goals for themselves and wish to achieve them but have very little resolve to do it. In times like these, its hard to focus on yourself. Social media, politics, work, etc. These things affect your mind slowly and you start to feel helpless and complacent.

Self-improvement is important for mental health because it truly allows you to break the shackles and expectations of society, giving you meaning and drive to accomplish your everlasting goals.

When I say accomplish your goals, im talking about finding success for yourself and only yourself. There is no one else but yourself. So focusing on improving who you are is the ultimate way to improve your mental health and also improve your relationships with the people you love.

Social media can cloud how people see themselves and the people around them. People start to see themselves as worthless if they don't have what people on the screen have. Eventually you'll find yourself just scrolling on social media wishing to have what they have instead of living your life and doing what you have to do to get to that level.

For example:

A person over 200lb isnt going to lose weight by looking at fit people and comparing himself to them. This can lead him/her to wanting to workout and even trying it, looking for quick results. Eventually he/she would give up, and the cycle would continue.

BUT, if the people were to look at their weight and decide to workout for themselves, to workout for the betterment of themselves, taking it slowly and changing they're lifestyle and eating habits, eventually they'll meet their goal of being fit.

They're mental health and self-esteem would improve.

To have this mindset, you must learn to love yourself and put out other people's feelings sometimes. Even if that means re-evaluating the relationships you have with people.

Because at the end of the day, you're a strong person and no matter how many people tell you that they love you, you got to believe it for yourself.

Thank you for reading this article, and please tell us opinion on it.

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