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Top 5 ways to make money as a College Student

We can all agree that college is EXPENSIVE and I myself have been in a position where I was eating nothing but reman noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You may want to go party with one of your friends but cant because you have to pay rent. Yeah we all been there, and we have all looked for ways to get some extra cash.

In this article I have compacted a list of ways for you to make money while having some time to study for your classes.

These methods isn't some easy money/get rich quick scenario, so if your here expecting that then leave.

Lets be be realistic.

#1 Get a Job

  • There are tons of part time jobs available to students. Its a great way to make money while you have the extra free time in between classes. Part time jobs doesn't have to be fast food jobs. Part time jobs can include temp opportunities that pays weekly or biweekly for a short amount of time. You can also find a job on your campus. If you have work study then it might be easier to find campus opportunities on your school's website. Another opportunity is paid internships or research. Depending on your major you might have the chance to intern or assist with research for minimum wage. You can usually find jobs, internships, and research opportunities on your schools job page.

  • Establishing a steady stream of income is vital for this because its easy to get a job. You cant expect to start at the top without doing the work first. Always take your time.

Resources below...

Staffing agencies near you (type in google)

go onto company websites your interested in and look for their career page



#2 Sell your things

  • Selling your things wont give you a steady stream of income but if your in need for extra cash and have some things laying around, you could sell your things through auction sites and make a quick buck. A used MacBook usually goes for $200, just sayin.






#3 Sell online

  • Selling online is a great way to make money. At the start is can seem slow and tedious, but with persistence it can grow and become a great source of income if you do it correctly. But be warned that this isn't a get rich quick thing and you will need some type of legal paperwork to sell online depending on what you are trying to do.

  • selling online doesn't mean taking a product and hoping someone buys it. You could sell almost anything on the internet, music, paintings, clothing, electronics, books, etc. Pick one of the categories you're interested in and sell that. Don't sell just anything.

If you want to learn more about it, a article will be up going further into detail.

#4 Start a YouTube/Twitch channel

  • This is one of the longer more strenuous processes that doesn't really guarantee you any money. You will probably have to devote some time into this, which will take away some time for studying. This is really meant for people that have extra time to burn and is passionate about this type of thing. You cant go into this thinking you're gonna start making money immediately.

  • For the people that likes video making, this is right up your alley. On YouTube, you don't have to be a blogger or a gamer, to make a living from YouTube. You can become a tech reviewer, animator, financial advisor (cough cough), food reviewer and much more. YouTube is a creative space that welcomes everyone. With perseverance, you can eventually start making revenue from YouTube in the first month alone (depending on how quickly you grow)

  • For the people that doesn't know too much about video making but what to make revenue online, twitch is a perfect space for you. Streaming is usually associated with gaming, which is true. Gaming offers entertainment and action packed sequences. Combine that with great commentary and your on your way to becoming a twitch affiliate, but that doesn't mean that's the only way to go about it. You can be a twitch video reactor, a live animator, comedian, and more. Its all about finding your niche.

  • both platforms require time and effort to be put into them. make sure that you aren't sacrificing your study time just to try and make a quick buck. Remember why you're in school and stick to your studies above all.

#5 Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • I'm sure you heard this already, but scholarships and financial aid can really help a student in financial need. In Georgia, do you know that students that maintains a 3.0 gpa average are eligible for the hope scholarship. There are other scholarships and foundations that you can find anywhere that can provide funds for students simply by applying, you just have to look and see what you find (Fast Food places, banks and other local businesses just to name a few)

  • There are resources I will place below to help you in your search. If you have more questions , please comment below. A article that goes further into detail will be up soon.





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