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The vice presidential Debate: What to expect Now that Trump has COVID-19?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

With the president having covid-19, we are officially in uncharted territory. This presidential election will be one of the most pivotal elections in our countries history, and this year the spotlight will not only be on the presidential candidates but also on their VPs as well. What does this all mean for America going forward?...

The first presidential debate:

Last Wednesday we saw the messiest presidential debate we had in American history. A lot of Americans were left with unease and more confusion then prior to the event.

During the debate, the two candidates went head to head, bashing one another's actions and policies on current events and plans for their presidency.

Trump continued to interrupt Biden, not letting him get his points across. He did the same with the moderator, not allowing him to ask any questions, even when the questions were asked he either indirectly answered them or ignored them all together.

This is especially true when the moderator, asked trump to condemn 'White supremacy' and any group that has that ideology at their core values.

Trump asked with this:

Many groups of that nature, took the presidents words as a form of endorsement of their actions and celebrated on social media.

Biden throughout the debate spoke of unity of not only the American people but also the two political parties that's been so unwilling to work together throughout trump's presidency.

He voiced his concerns and claimed to be a sitting president for both the democrats' and the republicans.

Though most of Biden's speaking time was interrupted he was able to give out notable points and often looked directly into the camera to address the American people directly.

Trump COVID-19:

Soon after the debate, trump was diagnosed with COVID-19, throwing another wrench into the situation, pushing the election even deeper in uncharted waters.

Twitter and other social media platforms blew up with the news, with some offering trump sympathy and others not being so sympathetic. Twitter eventually banned the violent tweets and other 'threats of that nature' being sent to the president.

Trump was transported by marine-1 to 'Walter Reed' military hospital, to quarantine and treat him further. He was there for a couple days before returning to the white house seen without wearing a mask...

Presidential debate schedule:

With the president now having covid-19, what would that mean for the current presidential debate schedule and what would happen in a event the president is incapacitated?

For now the second presidential debate is still scheduled for October 15, 2020 @ 9:00 pm EST. Its unsure weather the debate would be in-person but this could be the first time a presidential debate being held online.

In the event a presidential candidate is incapacitated, the party would have to re-elect a new candidate before Nov. 3rd.

In the event the acting president would become incapacitated, duties of the president would fall on the vice president.

Vice president debate:

The Pence-Harris debate is way more important then ever and its not because of trump's covid-19 diagnosis.

Today, America is about to elect one of the oldest presidents and history and the concern over their health has never been higher.

Though we never wish it, in the event that an active president dying in office is something that's in the back of everyone's minds. With trump bring the oldest president to be elected into office and joe Biden at 77 years old, America is worried that the likelihood of this happening is higher then ever.

That's why this debate is so important, in an event like that were to happen which one of these candidates would be a standing president for when that time comes.

The vice presidential debate is set for October 7, 2020.

We at Play-Smart is interested with what you guys think about these recent monumental events, comment below, and share your opinion with us!

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