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Is NIO the next Tesla?

Since the California car ban on gas powered vehicles by 2035, the spotlight has been on electric cars and the companies behind them. NIO is one of those companies and the latest competitor in the electric car race.

NIO’s stock price ballooned more then 1000% in the last 2 weeks, and people are itching to bet their money on NIO. Telsa’s stock currently sits at $438.70, these companies give new investors the opportunity to buy into a stock that could potentially make them millions.

Based on what happened with Tesla’s stock, people are betting that this will go the same way with NIO.

Currently, NIO’s stock price closed at $28.33 this week

NIO is a Chinese operated company however and it has raised many concerns over the national security of the united states and our allied nations.

We’ve never experience a Chinese car company in the United States before, and no one knows for sure how this will all play out or if the US would allow such cars to be imported into its harbors. Even if they do, Tesla will be a tough competitor to overcome when it comes to their advanced technology and number of vehicles on the road.

Currently NIO has delivered 54,000 units of ES6’s and ES8’s to various countries around the world.

With the world looking to new ways to help bring down carbon emissions, electric vehicles are more popular then ever before. NIO is currently the only notable competitor that has the potential to rival Tesla.

Only time will tell and im here for the ride.

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