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How Electric Cars will change your life for the Better!

Due to climate change, lawmakers all around the world is forced to push more environmental legislation that can slow down the the rising temperature of the earth. Its no surprise that the biggest industry in the world is at the forefront pushing for more carbon neutral vehicles

“diesel vehicles are responsible for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions around the globe”

The demand for electric cars came when scientist raised the concern for global warming. When Elon Musk (PayPal CEO and creator of the company ‘SpaceX’) created the worlds first commercial electric vehicle, also known as Tesla,he opened the flood gates to the electric car market.

Like a man finding oil…

The company skyrocketed in profits making it the pioneer of the electric car world. The company is leagues ahead of it competitors with their state of the art car batteries and technical abilities. Unlike gas cars that lose value over time, tesla cars are built to increase in value.

This is because of the constant updates Tesla cars receive after leaving the factory. Tesla owners get free updates that helps the software run more efficiently and help the cars AI improve the overall function of the car. This includes the self-driving feature as well.

Other startups like NIO, also seeks to tap into the electric car market, long with already established companies like Ford, porsche, etc. NIO grew in popularity this year by 900% when their cars were delivered all around the world causing its stock to go up and solidify its running in the electric vehicle industry.

Are electric cars the future?


The making of electric vehicles is only half the problem, once the supercharger stations reach the availability of gas stations and is more interconnected, people will start looking at electric vehicles as a worth while investment. Like many countries around the world the state of California has already issued bans on the sale of diesel vehicles starting in 2035 or sooner to move towards a carbon neutral future.

It’s not a question of if….only when.

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