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How Electric Car will change the world and protect our environment:

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the car have been a primary source of transport for billions of people around the world. It changed how we traveled and how far we travel. Changed our infrastructure, how businesses are run and how people lived altogether!

Though, cars have done so much for us, its also the cause of the acceleration of CO2 emissions globally.

CO2 is among other greenhouse gases that warms the planet by trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases traps heat from escaping the planet and causes the global temperature to increase.

The process of global warming was inevitable but humanity’s activities have caused the global temperature to rise at a unprecedented rate!

Gasoline cars isn’t the sole cause of global warming either. This is accompanied by deforestation, oil production, pollution, and cows. Yes, cows! So far auto mobiles in the US contribute 75% of carbon dioxide produced and 27 percent of greenhouse gases emitted.

Though the US has 30 percent of the world’s automobiles, it contributes half of the world’s green houses gases. That's a ton for one country!

Because of this fact, entrepreneurs like Elon musk, created electric car companies like Tesla to try and reduce the world’s carbon footprint. Elon created Tesla in a attempt to create a net zero electric car. Other companies like NIO have followed suite in creating these electric cars.

But what is an electric car?

An electric car is a motorized vehicle completely powered by a electric battery. The cars themselves don't emit too much CO2, but the manufacturing process for creating the batteries and parts creates the bulk that these electric cars produce.

The trade off for this is that electric cars during their life time will create very little CO2 compared to its diesel powered counterpart. Ultimately, the more people with electric cars, the less of a impact these cars will have on the environment.

Electric cars will change the world because its the the first major step in combating climate change.

What's being done now?

On September 23, California governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order that will ban the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered passenger vehicles in the state by the year 2035, a tremendous leap in the fight against climate change in any state in the U.S. thus far.


Other countries like the UK and Germany is issuing their own similar ban on these vehicles and even countries like china is claiming to become net zero by 2050!

The world is changing as we speak, wonder materials like graphene, being said to be able to be manufactured out of pure garbage and companies like The Ocean Cleanup actively trying to clean up our oceans, humanity is constantly adapting to the changes in our environment and always looking for more ways to try to improve upon it.

2020 has been a bumpy road, but strides like these gives me hope for the near future. Only time will tell.

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