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Apple Launch Event 2020: What To Expect

The September Apple event is hours away and we are excited to see what they will reveal this year!

Earlier this week Apple's official website updated to include an advertisement featuring this year's Keynote. This was a relief as many people were wondering if they were planning to do one this year.

With COVID-19 devastating our current society, it was a hard year for most of us, but this keynote is a great way to distract yourself from the political and economical challenges that plague our minds day in and day out.

What to expect:

Apple insider, Jon Prosser reported that this year Apple plans to launch an inexpensive Apple Watch SE and an Apple Watch pro, along with the Apple Watch 6.

The phone 12 is reported to have 5G capabilities and would be housing the IOS 14 update. We don't know too much more about the device but I'm sure it will deliver in quality.

The IOS 14 update will have customizable widgets and an app drawer. Taking inspiration from its Android counterpart.

This is as much as we know for now but we'll keep you updated when the event goes live.

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